Monthly Tuition Rates

In response to COVID-19, Little Ivy has reduced our available schedules, which ensures that we can adequately maintain small-group "pods" assigned to individual teachers. We currently offer only one schedule of care at one price. When you enroll your child for care, that enrollment space will be reserved for your child every day, all day. Many families elect not to utilize all available hours of care. However, in reserving that space, we are able to maintain daily consistency of children within the child's "pod", and assign "pods" to one primary teacher, who is the same teacher every day. This is consistent with the recommended operational guidelines of California Community Care Licensing.

Available care at this time, and until further notice, is:

5 days of care, Monday through Friday* 

Hours of care: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Tuition Price: $1250.00 per month

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to provide this essential service during uncertain times, while observing strict safety precautions. 

*(excepting holidays and regularly scheduled closures)

Little Ivy Preschool Napa Childcare