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Little Ivy is committed to operating at high standards of safety and precaution. We believe that childcare is an essential service, necessary to enable parents and guardians to continue to maintain careers, which are critical to families' abilities to provide safe housing, healthcare, and nurturing happy home environments for their children. 

We have revised all of our operational practices to reflect strict and increased safety precautions for the benefit of our enrolled children, staff, and the families of Little Ivy children and staff. Our safety processes were developed to meet or exceed the standards established by California Community Care Licensing for Childcare Centers, and with the voluntary assistance of professionals from Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

Precautionary measures include:

  • No-contact check-in and pick-up;

  • Laser temperature screening of children at check-in;

  • Laser temperature screening of Staff at arrival;

  • Staff Pulse-Ox testing;

  • Small-sized learning groups of consistent enrollment and teachers (strict adherence to pods phased out as of June 1, 2021);

  • Mandatory daily laundering of bedding for children who nap;

  • Zero-tolerance policy for any symptom of illness consistent with COVID-19, for children and staff;

  • MERV-13 air filters in all central HVAC systems

  • Consistent cleansing of surfaces with germicidal cleanser throughout the day;

  • Top-to-bottom cleansing of surfaces with germicidal cleanser at the end of each day;

  • Removal of shared toys from being freely-available;

  • Assigning individual learning materials to each child to reduce shared contact;

  • Children ages 3 and up must wear masks (and they do seem to enjoy it!);

  • Wearing of masks by staff;

  • Mandatory hand-washing of all children regularly throughout the day;

  • Hand sanitizer available at all times to all staff, under adult supervision to children, and at drop-off to all family members;

  • Regular dialogue with children about the importance of maintaining personal space, physical distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands;

  • Virtual (Zoom/Facetime) prospective-enrollment tours;

  • Elimination of: Classroom visitors, "drop-in" days, intermittent care schedules, and in-person enrollment tours during school hours.

    All of our COVID-19 policies are subject to change without notice and may not be reflected on this website. For specific and up to date information on our policies, please email us at As county, state, and CDC standards continue to develop, our policies will as well.

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