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Our Admissions

Little Ivy Preschool serves children ages two through five. Children under age four need not be potty-trained prior to enrollment. Our admissions process is designed to be simple and straightforward. Please follow the easy steps, below. We will begin accepting applications in July, 2018.
Our first day of school for the 2018 school year will be  August 15, 2018. 
Our admission application process is simple, and can be managed directly through this page. Follow the three simple steps, below:


We recommend that parents visit the school without their child first, to learn about the preschool, see the facilities, observe classes, and ask questions. 

Schedule a tour HERE.


Submit an application form through our website, HERE. This is the only method by which we take applications.



We will contact you promptly after reviewing your child's application, to schedule a time and date to meet your child and conduct an informal admissions interview!

Little Ivy Preschool Napa Childcare
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